24 Oct 2010

Exhibition - 30 Years of Japanese Fashion

I was recommended to see this exhibition at the Barbican, and have to say it didn't dissapoint. There was loads to look at, up close as well. It was mainly Rei, Yohji and Issey which felt slightly fanatical, they could have had more Kenzo maybe, but what they did have was really good. The photographs by Naoya Hatekeyama showed each garment flat, which helped get your head around the famously innovative pattern cutting of the Japanese designs.

2 Oct 2010

Proenza Schouler video by Harmony Korine

Amidst all the fashion week reports I wanted to share this short film I just came across. It was created by art house screenwriter/director Harmony Korine for New York fashion label Proenza Schouler.

I like the film and the theme of isolated youth quality (which Korine captures so well) but I wouldn't have necessarily paired up Proenza Schouler with Korine. Certainly not like Jean Paul Gaultier and Luc Besson with The Fifth Element or Ralph Lauren and Woody Allen with Annie Hall. What does this collaboration do for the brand? Who is this advertising to? hardly a widespread audience. Im not sure. Perhaps this is the way of advertising for smaller fashion brands, to whom advertising in a magazine just isn't feasible.

1 Oct 2010

Paris Fashion Week - The highlights

Milan Fashion Week - The highlights

London Fashion Week - The highlights

Amanda Wakely - sketeches
I was a little dissapointed with the show to be honest. The clothes were beautifully simple, and I liked the drapey trousers and the 70's chiffon peasant top, but overall it was a pretty blah collection.
Interesting enough though I recieved a booklet of inspiration for the collection which I much preferred.
Here are a few of the sketches I did of the show.

Christian Blanken Live Presentation - Illustrated

What I liked about the collection were the modern sportswear influences and the minimalist detailing. Which included a zip up box pleat down the centre back of one jacket and diagonal seams like on a biker jacker, with darts running through the pockets.

I think the presentation was a good format for Blankens work because we were much closer to the models, so you really could see all the fine details that go into the designs.

New York Fashion Week - The Highlights

24 Sep 2010

LFW Street Style

This guy had safety pinned a denim shirt over his leather jacket, and safety pinned a gold chain on his faux Chanel cap.

The ones that got away, so I stalked.

Tropical shirt with parrots.

This guy was Austrian and his mum made his jumper. I Love.

£3 charity shop trousers. Amazing.

These trousers above are modelled by the designer, Lu Flux, who you can check out on www.luflux.com